I’m a multilingual communications professional and freelance writer based in Leiden, the Netherlands.

cropped-professional_web-1.jpgI’m a regular contributor to Beyond Words Magazine and Language News, as well as the Dutch and Spanish Language and Culture blogs at Transparent Language, and FluentU. My blog Globalect is still my favorite labor of love and a passion project with ambitions of growing up and becoming passive income one day.

Most of my writing grows out of the fertile space between language, travel, and what they can teach us about navigating a world where everyone’s daily choices and actions affect everyone else’s. Inspired first by an internship at a technologically innovative international development NGO in the Hague during my Master’s program, I frequently weave accessible narratives of development into destination pieces, or highlight the overlaps of human issues like immigration and urban development to cast a more vibrant light on places otherwise seen as dreary. I believe in language learning as a tool for global citizenship, and in the power thoughtful travel experiences to de-other and inspire human solidarity.

In recent years I’ve lived and worked in Colombia, Mexico, the US, and the Netherlands. I’ve been a Fulbright researcher at the University of Leiden, an editor for the Youth Peace Initiative, a teenage bank teller during the Global Financial Crisis, and the manager of a backpackers’ hostel in Mexico City that in hindsight was definitely a drug front. I speak and write fluent Spanish and better Dutch, the heritage language I reclaimed while living in the Netherlands, and am a fanatical believer in the intellectual and emotional empathy opened up by the learning of new languages.