cropped-professional_web-1.jpgI write about topics like language learning and thoughtful travel as tools for building global citizenship, as well as about how processes of urban and human development affect travelers’ experiences and how engaged citizenship transforms people and places.

Whether I’m building a blog post to help engage your audience of aspiring language learners, or teasing the universal out of the individual in an analytical travel essay, my goal is the same: to employ the benefits I’ve reaped from growing up in the globalizing world to help make globalization work better for everyone, while hopefully paying off two degrees’ worth of student debt and learning something about places and the people who shape and are shaped by them along the way.

For me this translates to freelance writing, blogging, editing, and translation and offering these services to publications and organizations in the civil sector, international education, language learning and language policy, and other industries that serve global citizens making connections across the world.

Recent work: